Thursday, February 4, 2010

When rumors eat you up....

Seriously, seriously.

i am in a new place in life for many reasons. I was just reminded that one of those reasons is that i used to work/life in a crazy, gossipy, obnoxious environment. Do people really have nothing better to do then say shit about other people???
I don't want to be that way, I hope I don't do that.....

So i just found out the joyous rumors that are being blatently spread about me. They include:
I am miserable in Seattle.
I placed a bet w/a cousin and can't move back before April.
I am going to return to PSD this fall.
I skype weekly w/a former co-worker (who I don't even talk to on the phone!)
I work three jobs and am having a horrible time.

WHAT?!?!?!? How the F do i get away from this all? How do I get stronger? How do I just live life for me and leave the other crap out?

I am fighting hard to be a natural, honest person...and stuff like this makes my head spin and sends me into a place in my head that I thought was gone. I don't want to retreat in a cave and disappear, yet times like this make that cave look like a freaking 4-star hotel.

Come on people. Grow up. Move on. If you have something you want to know, just ask. Thank you M for calling and ASKING...that is a real friend.
The rest of y'all, i know someone with a really big recycling bin....


  1. you mean you're not miserable and you aren't moving back in may after you win your bet????
    cha jiffy!

  2. so i just stumbled into your brain...much like I always thought it would be this is a fun place to be...screw the people not brave enough to challenge themselves and reap the rewards.

    Funny thing is I heard this rumor that you're supercool and really funny...I think I told myself that...but I'll totally spread it around.
    love you beck and get out of that dark place in your head and come join me in the part of your brain where I am...I'll give you a tub on a van roof top :-)